MA Research 2


Reflection piece created in response to my MA research journey. September, 2017. ​

"...this piece I created during the last few weeks of this research, this allowed me to look back and reflect on my research journey. For this particular piece, I opted to work on a larger scale in various layers, using different techniques and materials to express and capture the various milestones of my research. The first layer was created by applying various vivid marks using oil pastels and crayons, this medium produced strong colours when applied with pressure; which felt important to create as this was the foundation layer of the piece. Upon reflection, I feel this vibrancy and lively background reflects the very earlier stages of this research, where I immersed myself in various literature and texts enriching my understanding of my chosen topic of inquiry."

"The second layer was applying a wash of paint on top of the first layer. While painting this, it felt as though I was creating a new surface, ready for more purposeful marks, echoing quite similarly the stage of my research where I had discovered all my themes and was ready to tell a story about each one. The final layer to my piece was adding stitch elements on top of the painted surface. This process was the most time-consuming, as I found myself having to rethread the needle countless times. Metaphorically, I feel this constant cycle and repetition, mirrors quite closely the write-up of my findings chapter, as here too, I was revisiting past chapters’ numerous times and interweaving it alongside my findings."

"Looking at this piece once completed, it looks like a tapestry. According to Collier (2012) tapestries are often created to tell a story of time, which in this case, is a story of my research journey. Looking at the reverse side of this piece, only the stitch marks are visible. These stitch elements bring a textural quality to the piece, as they uplift from the surface giving it a tactile quality. In a sense, I feel this reflects the involvement of the experiences and stories told by participants, as they too enrich and elevate this research; giving a voice to both those who took part and those who were discussed in this research.​"

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